Synovasure® Lateral Flow Diagnostic Test

Synovasure Alpha Defensin Lateral Flow Test is the first and only diagnostic test specifically designed to aid in the diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) by rapidly (10 minutes) and accurately (94.3% sensitivity and 94.5% specificity) detecting the alpha defensin biomarkers in synovial fluid.1

With the ability to get rapid Positive/Negative alpha defensin results the test is recommended to be used prior to all TKA and THA revision arthroplasty cases to inform on the presence of infection; especially when a quick turnaround on results is required.11

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1. CDD-CLI-001: Clinical Validation of CD Diagnostics Synovasure PJI ELISA Test and Synovasure PJI Lateral Flow Test for Detection of Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) in Synovial Fluid.
2. Wolf, C.F., et al. Comparison of one and two-stage revision of total hip arthroplasty complicated by infection: a Markov expected utility decision analysis. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (Am). 93:631–639, 2011.
3. Kasch, R., et al. Comparative Analysis of Direct Hospital Care Costs between Aseptic and Two-Stage Septic Knee Revision. Plos One. 12(1), 2017.

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